Lecture 1 Review

Aaron Reed: The Blue Lacuna

During the week of the Perspectives. 09 showing, I attended a lecture at the Joe Crowley Student Union that featured five artists. The artists were Georgie Roxby Smith, Christina Corfield, Sarah Soriano, Joe Cantrell, and Aaron Reed. Each one of the artists had a chance to introduce themselves, describe a little about their education, tell us the ideas behind all of their work and then show us their work. Each artist their own original style and all of them were engaging lectures, but the most memorable one for me was Aaron Reed’s work and lecture.

Aaron Reed is a Graduate student studying at the UC Santa Cruz and has already created one of the longest online interactive novels available, Blue Lacuna. The most interesting thing about Reed’s work was the intense passion that he had for his work. He loved speaking about his work, and his lecture was enthusiastic and it kept the audience fully engaged. He knew, in detail, about everything that he was involved in. After he introduced himself and told the audience a bit about his past, he really went into depth about the way a story in constructed. He explained all the different types of story structures and made it clear that every decision in a story will change the story. That was his main point of interest and he focused on this for the majority of the lecture. Reed’s story structure that he uses in his interactive novel his called something to the effect of a inter-weaved structure. Which means that there are a few major decisions that must be made and every one will lead to the same outcome. I learned a lot from Reed’s discussion and I even downloaded the game for myself to give it a shot. It’s a basic format, but I enjoyed trying the game for a while.

The Blue Lacuna


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