Gallery Review

Sail On: Jane Kenoyer

Jane Kenoyer’s show at the Sheppard Gallery this semester was very successful. The work that she displayed was incredibly well done, and the entire setup and showing was great, as well. As an aspiring Bachelor of Fine Arts student, Kenoyer’s show was inspiring.

Kenoyer’s work has a lot of conceptual meaning to them and, along with her flawless touch, the sense of nostalgia that she portrays is soothing. A few of her paintings, like “Sail On” and “Shanghaied”, had a very strong sense of nostalgia and, at the same time, a feeling of wonder for what the future holds. All of her work utilizes a fairly muted color palette which helps to create a peaceful, serene scene. How Kenoyer lays down the paint is important, too, because the soft and flowing feeling of the paint really accentuates the tattoos that frequent the figures bodies. These tattoos, once again, also add to the nostalgic feeling because tattoos represent something that one obtains in the past, and more than likely symbolizes something that happened in the past. Another great thing about her work was how well the entire set of paintings matched so well. The theme was apparent through all of the works and this helped strengthen her work. My only criticism for her work is the lacking of detail for the stories within the paintings. There are some visual and textual clues, like the tattoos and the titles, but other than that, the story-lines are vague (but maybe that was intended).

This gallery showing was my favorite showing of the semester because it touched on something that I am really passionate about: love for family and friends, and really cherishing those relationships . Overall, Jane Kenoyer’s work is touching, memorable and describes the passion and attachment that people have for their loved ones.

Jane Kenoyer’s Work


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