Final Project Proposal

For my final project I have decided that I’m going to recreate a scene/s from the global project Man With A Movie Camera. I want to use video, primarily, but some photography and animation might also be used. I would like to utilize the film technique of stop motion because it has the same eerie feeling as the original film did. As far as the scene/s that I’m going to recreate I am uncertain, but after viewing the entire project again, I will decide which scenes I will do.


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  1. I am making the same suggestions to all of those students proposing for the MWMC project. You will notice that the scenes are broken into many smaller parts, some as short as 1 second. Several possibilities to approach participating in this project. One recommendation would be to pick a scene then several of the smaller bits to create a span of time within a scene that will run longer than 2 seconds for sure! You would need to post the parts bit by bit according to the site’s structure.

    Or pick several bits of the film from various scenes, as long as you keep track of which ones you do and are able to show them to us during the crit and link to them from your blog.

    If I were you I would particularly look at those seconds of the film that have yet to be uploaded by anyone, thus assuring that your bits will be played back.

    I do hope you take the 1 hour to watch the original film before you commence – quite interesting in and of itself – the project is proposed as a contemporary update of Vertov’s directorial concept.

    Hope this all makes sense! Glad to help or give input along the way!


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