The Big Bang

Project #1



  1. Wow, very nice. I truly love this composition. I love your choice of words “The Big Bang”, and have everything revolves around it. The color theme of it works really well too. Its got the outer space feel to it. Nice work.

  2. To add to my other comment the way you used the layering was fantastic. Everything seemed to be placed perfectly. The backgrounds really brings everything back together. Couple of the things there I did not really understand what they were doing there, but still you made it work. I certainly like the one eyed girl. That was pretty cool. I love how you played with scale too, but you could of played more with it.

  3. The concept is very clear and interesting along with your explanation. I encountered the same problem, however, in that my concept is a bit unclear without a written statement accompanying it (based on comments of my work.) I’m impressed with your integration of images, as well of the grouping of images which share commonalities (i.e. the animal and technological groupings.) I’m especially appreciative of the two figures embedded in the wake of the crocodile, as well as the wake’s incorporation into the background as both a cover and a segway into the other images in the collage. Impressive job with the composition, as well as a fitting title for your work.

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